SAVRCup | A Bright New Web Design

SAVRCup | A Bright New Web Design

About the Project


SAVRcup is here to make a big change and NOQ was eager to be apart of it. SAVRcup is a 100% recycled cup made to replace the single-use plastic cups at parties and events. Our mission was to help them get a new, on-brand website built.


SAVRcup has a beautiful brand and product but the problem was their current website was not highlighting that. Their existing website didn’t display who they were and the problem they were trying to fix. That’s why NOQ stepped in to help craft their brand story and visually transform the website from a flat commerce site to an engaging, visually enhanced story of SAVRcup.


We started with the question of “Why?” Why is SAVRcup trying to replace single-use plastic cups for events/parties? Founders, Rachael and Pedro explained that festivals and events create a lot of garbage and the majority of the waste comes from beverages. Think about it. You go to a concert, or baseball game, or festival and you’ll probably get about 2-4 drinks. Now multiply that by 10,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 times. That’s a lot of single-use plastic waste.

From this, we learned we need to state the problem first because single-use plastic at these events are normalized and often there is no other option. We then came up with a brand statement of “Choose reusable, over disposable.” We followed this up with statistics on just how wasteful these events can be along with how these stylish cups could make these numbers tumble.

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